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Please ensure you double and triple-check your dog's measurements using the text and video instructions. 

Correct measurements are crucial for a proper fit as this style of harness is not adjustable. Refunds, remakes will not be offered for incorrectly measuring your dog. Please follow the AMG specific instructions for measuring. 

Click here for video guide


Different companies measure differently and/or require different measurements. Please utilize these instructions when ordering an AMG harness. 


Text can be added as a patch at an additional charge: Click here for custom patches


Specify where on the harness you would like the patch to be placed (one of the neck-straps, shoulder strap, etc). 

DEFAULT location would be on the shoulder strap/s (or the neck strap/s if handle or other mods are added).  

For just velcro patch space, no patches: Click here for velcro area


Patches could be directly sewn onto the harness or can be added as the standard velcro removable patch. For a removable velcro patch, add both the patch and velcro space to your order. 

Upgrades such as Handles, Wheel Dog Harness Mod, Belly Bands, etc can be found here:  Click Here


Fleece vs Webbing Colors  

  • Hot Green, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, and Purple do not have matching fleece colors.
    • There are similar colors but even the closest option will distinctly not match their webbing counterpart.
  • All colors may have some minor discrepancies when comparing fleece vs webbing but this is to be expected due to the difference in materials. 


Looking for a more custom fleece color/design? 
Send me a message and we cen see what we can do! 


1" wide webbing when length measurement is over 22"
3/4" wide webbing when length measurement is less than 22"
Extended fleece padding along neck, ribs, and chest
Strong bungee cord at the hookup point to cushion sudden starts (best for joring, parachutes, bitework drag-ins)
Or standard paracord hookup (best for bitework back tie work) 

For larger or stronger dogs, adding additional bungees or paracord would be recommended- Hookup Replacement Packs

Add multiple bungee ends for more resistance! 

Custom fit with fleece padding to add cushion and to help prevent any chafing when the dog is pulling. 

Used for dog sledding, scootering, skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, bitework, parachute work, or other activities.

**NOT to be used for weight pull**


Check the bungee/paracord on harnesses regularly for loose ends or ends getting shorter and if so re-tie, or as needed, replace with a new cord.


Any Length measuring under 22" inches may qualify for a different webbing width 

X-backs can be made for dogs as small as ~5lbs with 1/2” webbing


Split Chest vs Standard Chest  

Split chest is utilized to help the harness stay centered over the dog's chest and prevent it from slipping and shifting under the dog's front legs. The webbing that goes from the breast bone and between the front legs is divided so it can hug either side of their chest. This shifting/slipping could result in chafing in the armpits and an uneven distribution of pressure. Typically, for dogs with wider chests, deeper chests, or more prominent and protruding breastbones. On the other side of the spectrum, using a split chest on a dog with a narrow chest could also cause chafing in the armpits. 

X Back vs Open Back 


Open back harnesses are without the traditional "X" over the back. This gives the harness a slightly looser, less structured fit with little more flexibility. For some dogs, the open back allows the spine to swing through the harness instead of being restrained from the xback. It depends greatly on the structure of your dog and how they run (do they arch their back a lot or run with a straighter topline).  

Use a SOFT measuring tape, measure the build of the dog, not the fur.
Be sure to have the tape lay flat against your dog's body, particularly for dogs with heavy coats.
Make sure your dog is standing square with their back straight. 

Having a second set of hands may be necessary


Links for video examples of measuring are available below.

Neck - Breast Bone to Shoulders:   Find the shoulder blades then go slightly forward to find the base of the neck. Measure from that spot to the top of the breastbone.

  • Do NOT double this measurement.
  • Do NOT measure around the neck.

Length - Breast Bone to Base of Tail:    (orange and yellow)
Start tape at top of breastbone. Pass between front legs, then up around rib cage to base of tail. 

  • Do NOT let the tape slip into the dog’s armpit.
  • Trace the ribcage along the sternum.
  • Do NOT pull the tape tight or the measurement will be short.

Breast Bone to Last Rib:   (orange)
Start tape at top of breastbone, pass between front legs, and then back to last rib.

Shoulders to Last Rib:     Start tape at the base of the neck (slightly in front of where the shoulder blades lie) and back to last rib. 


Please ensure you double-check your dog's measurements! 

Message me if you have any questions! 


And then make sure you check the fit!