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Velcro Addition (Patch Space)

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Must be purchased in conjunction with available styles of 1", 1.5" or 2" buckle collars, limited slip collars, martingale collars, or Harnesses. (see dropdown)  

This is an add-on/additional item only.
Not for individual purchase.
Must also purchase a collar (see below for specifics)

Embroidery cannot be added directly onto Velcro 

(excludes the lightweight collars, universal collars, all 3/4" collars, and the ecollar straps)

If ordering more than one collar please specify which collar you would like the patch area included on.  



Collar MINIMUM Requirement:

  • Collar must be a min length of 12" OR
  • Embroidery a max of 8 characters 

MOST collars can only accommodate the patch space OR the handle; generally not both. 

Anything under 3" of available space for a patch, you will be contacted. 


Width is chosen by the collar in your cart (unless a specific width is requested as well).

Example: 1.5" collar gets a 1.5" by 4" patch.


    If you have a specific patch in mind you would like it to accommodate please add its length in the "item notes" section.

    Space for AMG patches may be rounded up .25-.5"
    (when no definite length is provided).
    Ex. Their size may not be a traditional length 
    Rounded to the nearest whole number
    Allow for a more universal use  


    For more info on ordering please visit the Ordering Guide