Digital Proofs

Digital proofs are a great option to help visualize the design on your gear.

It is preferred that proofs be
requested via Email, IG, or FB.

Are you on the fence about:

  • Which color combos would look good together?
  • Which thread color would go good with the _____ color webbing?
  • Which font do I really like?
  • I have a slogan/phrase/saying in mind. Would that fit on my collar?
  • How would longer text look with multiple lines?
  • How would multiple colors look?

The list can go on and on! 

That's the beauty of AMG. There are multiple styles of collars (sizes, buckles, collar additions), over 20 webbing colors, then endless thread options (solids, metallics, glitter).

(See below regarding sparkly and metallic threads.)


Do you have a specific design in mind or would you just like to compare a couple of ideas you have? 

Whatever you may be curious about, message me!

I can provide you with a digital proof of what you are trying to picture and answer any other questions you may have! 


Proofs do not represent any actual length or construction of your gear. 
The proof will represent the style, layout, and color combo used for your item. (See asterisk below.)

These are meant to give you a rough idea of how your design will look in real life. 


Proofs are not automatically included in orders.

You can request one by messaging me at any of the following below. Let me know what colors/text/font/ect you would like to see and I can get some going for you!

It is preferred that proofs be requested via Email, IG, or FB. 

Instagram: Angry Melon Gear
Facebook: Angry Melon Gear

Email: or




Metallics and glittery threads cannot be fully represented in their real life magical states but can be represented by the closest solid color. 

Multicolor/Blended and rainbow threads also cannot be represented in proof form. 




Many variables go into webbing/thread colors. 

Finished Products

  • The same color may appear drastically different depending on the background color that accompanies it as well as the item’s setting and surrounding context (including but not limited to neighboring colors, lighting conditions, size, etc). 

Digital Proofs

  • Digital images do not factor in things like the textures of the different materials which may slightly differ from the colors they are representing going from digitally vs real life. 


  • While I do my very best to represent colors accurately, photography isn’t an exact science, therefore colors may be slightly different in person when the setting and context changes. 

Please take this into consideration when placing your order.