About AMG

Angry Melon Gear is a solo run shop by Stephanie Clark who makes everything by hand.

I have always been creating my own dog gear. Sewing, leatherwork, even non-dog-related things like woodworking, jewelry, and other things. 

As a previous Etsy store owner, I used to make and sell basic fabric and leather dog gear in addition to some jewelry. After taking a step back from Etsy to focus more on my personal dogs and gear. 

When we started dock diving, I had a very specific collar in mind that I wanted to use. I was never able to find one that fit this design I had thought out. I ended up just settling for something functional.

At the 2017 Eukanuba NADD Nationals, it was important to a lot of people to have a 'special' collar for them as it was a large event. I was one of those people of course.

Then when going through photos it was a little difficult to pick my own dog out of all the other Malinois who were also wearing orange. A few more months went by and when the new dock season was starting I began the preliminary design to the collars you see today. After a few more months of testing, I even got a few friends that were also interested in my collars. Nothing too crazy. The more I fine-tuned my skills and designs the more people I got requesting them. 

And here we are. The interest in the collars has continued to grow. I am so very thankful for everyone who is supporting us and buying AMG. 

It's my goal to have an array of collar widths are available to fit any breed. Where size is customized to each and every dog, and growing puppies are taken into consideration so they can get maximum usage from their collars.  

Leashes come in numerous lengths with additional handles, snap options, and optional embroidery so they can match the collar or you could even add a team name or qwerty nickname.