X-Back Measuring Guide

Please ensure you double and triple-check your dog's measurements using the text and video instructions. 

Use a SOFT measuring tape, measure the build of the dog, not the fur.
Be sure to have the tape lay flat against your dog's body, particularly for dogs with heavy coats.

Make sure your dog is standing square with their back straight.

Having a second set of hands may be necessary.

Different companies measure differently and/or require different measurements. Please utilize these instructions when ordering an AMG harness.

Video Guide 

(Weather has not been cooperating with me so excuse the wind in these videos until I can re shoot on a better day.)

Neck - Breast Bone - Shoulders :

Length - Breast Bone to Base of Tail :

Breast Bone to Last Rib : 

Shoulders to Last Rib :


Please ensure you double-check your dog's measurements! 

Message me if you have any questions! 




Checking the Fit 

Without tension on the harness, it will appear somewhat small on the dog. To ensure correct sizing, it is important to check fit when there is tension on the harness.

Lure your dog forward or have them pull into the harness with an adequate amount of tension while holding the end of the harness (or having them posted) to check the following: 

  • Pull excess fur and skin out of the neck so the harness sits properly on the breastbone and between shoulders. 
  • The breast bone should be concealed by the Y-front of the harness.
    • If the breast bone is above the Y then that means the neck straps can impede the movement and put pressure on the dog's shoulders.
    • The latter would have the Y further above the breast bone, which can lead to pressure on the trachea which can be noticed if the dog starts coughing. 
  • The end of the harness should stop at the base of the tail with the front half of the harness adequately supported by the rib cage. 
    • Too long and it has the possibility to obstruct the dog's thighs or dig into their waist or stomach.
    • Too small and has a possibility to ride up into the armpits and put pressure on the dog's ribs. 
  • Check the bungee regularly for loose ends or ends getting shorter and if so re-tie, or if needed, replace with a new cord.





     X-Back Specific Policies and More Information

    Since all harnesses are custom made to all of your provided measurements, and not sold as standard sizes, refunds cannot be offered.


    If you ordered a custom harness and the fit is incorrect due to our mistake, we will happily replace it with a correctly sized and fitted new harness at no charge to you.

    Contact AMG via info@angrymelongear.com within 7 days of delivery and provide the order number, details of the issues, and photos.  

    If required, please download and complete the RETURN FORM and include it with your item/s. Items must in their original condition: clean and unused. Items not in this condition will not be accepted. If a return is required, replacements will not be started until the returned item is sent back. 

    Once item/s are received, the contact information included will be used to notify and/or further discuss replacement details if needed.


    If your dog's custom harness was made to your specifications but it still does not fit due to a measuring error, then we will gladly help you re-measure your dog (possibly with photos and/or videos) to the best of our ability.

    Contact AMG via info@angrymelongear.com within 7 days of delivery and provide the order number, details of the issues, and photos.  


    Shipping Costs are not refundable.