Ordering Guide


Available Fonts

Refer to the FAQ page for more info regarding Custom Fonts. 

Embroidery text is limited to the following: 

Alphanumerical Characters 
Alphabetic characters A through Z
Numeric characters 0 through 9

    National and Special characters
    (most used - some others may also be possible - message me to inquire)
    at sign @
    dollar sign $
    number sign/hashtag #
    ampersand &
    asterisk *
    braces { }
    brackets [ ]
    comma ,
    equal sign =
    hyphen –
    parenthesis ( ) 
    period .
    plus sign +
    colon :
    single quotation mark '
    slash /
    tilde ñ
    acute á
    grave è
    umlaut ü


    No Emojis
     Most emojis can be added as ‘images’ upon request 


    All desired text should be listed in the "Embroidery Text" box.  

    Embroidery is done in all caps unless specifically requested lower case text (not just typing in lower case; leave a note with this customization in "item notes.")


    Customer is responsible for entering the all correct text/spelling/colors/size/etc.

    Any mistakes/changes noticed must be brought to my attention ASAP in order to be made correctly. Any changes requested after the order has begun production will accrue a ‘remake’ fee as described in the Policies



    Keep in mind that adding any images have an additional charge to them.

    There are three categories that images fall into:

    Readily Available Images 

    Commonly used images that are currently available 

    Custom Requested Images 

    Any image not in the readily available listing but that has already been digitalized into a correct embroidery file

    Custom Digitizing Images

    An image that is more unique, something totally custom, etc, and is NOT currently available in an embroidery file type.


    Refer to the FAQ page for more info regarding images. 


    Collar Sizing Information

    Click here to learn about AMG sizing. 


    Construction Thread Color

    All construction of collars, leashes, harnesses, etc are ALL done in a heavy duty black thread. 

    A border, for example, can be done via this listing: Borders and Extra/Secondary Stitching which would overlay some of the assembly thread around the collar. 


    Embroidery Thread Colors

    All webbing colors have a matching thread color that is available.

    Color Chart

    There is no specific color chart for thread.

    Since customers aren’t limited to only in stock colors as well as I am adding new colors to the collection almost daily would make a color chart insane to keep up to date.

    I use a variety of brands who individually have hundreds of colors each.

    Majority of colors can be color matched fairly easily if you are looking for something specific.

    Shoot me a message if you have a specific color/colors in mind or even a certain color scheme or shade range you are wanting to match. 

    I would be happy to send you some pictures of threads and work with you to find the prefect color/s you’re looking for.


    Color Layouts and Multiple Colors 

    Enter all thread colors in the "Embroidery Thread Color" box.

    Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (alternating colors, different colors for different words, etc) and how you would like them used. 



    Collar Layout

    Embroidery is typically placed a few inches from the D ring where it will sit on the dogs left side when buckle is low on the neck.

    The 2” cobra buckle collars have a slightly different layout. These feature the D ring on the end of the collar where one side of the cobra feeds through the ring to clasp together. Embroidery on these would come after the buckle rather than the D ring. 

    • Exceptions include when there is a handle included, then text will be placed to the right after the handle. 
    • When patch area addition is included that would be placed after the text. Will sit on the right of the dogs when buckle is low on the neck.

    Collar width, neck size, amount of text, number of lines for text, font, and additions can all effect where text appears and lays once on the dog. 

      If you want a specific location for the text please specify in the ‘item notes’ section. 


      Items such as martingales (martingale collar, martingale lead, check chain) and coursing leads do not follow this guideline for placement. Instead those are all placed in the center since the collar section does not adjust. 


      Click here to see available upgrades and additions. 








      Color Disclaimer 

      Many variables go into webbing/thread colors.

      Finished Products

      • The same color may appear drastically different depending on the background color that accompanies it as well as the item’s setting and surrounding context (including but not limited to neighboring colors, lighting conditions, size, etc).

      Digital Proofs

      • Digital images do not factor in things like the textures of the different materials which may slightly differ from the colors they are representing going from digitally vs real life.


      • While I do my very best to represent colors accurately, photography isn’t an exact science, therefore colors may be slightly different in person when the setting and context changes.

      Please take this into consideration when placing your order.