If you have any questions that aren't answered below please message me via FB, IG, or email. 

Questions on here will be growing as new topics will be constantly added as needed! 

More info (such as full font examples, available text characters, layouts, etc) can also be found on the Ordering Guide page as well!

Existing Orders 

In most cases, changes can be made up until your order begins production.

If you would like to make any type of change to your order, message me with your order number as well as the change/s you would like made.

Yeah! As long as your initial order hasn't shipped out yet. You can add more items to an existing order without paying for shipping twice. Message me so we can discuss.

Your order's turnaround time might need to be adjusted to allow for the additional item's construction time.

If you would like to make any type of change to your order, message me with your order number as well as the item/s you would like to add.

Message or email me with your order number!

Cancelations can be made on a case-by-case basis as long as they are not in production or in pre-shipment.

Cancelations would be applicable for refunds if requested before orders begin production

They would, however, be subject to a 10% cancelation fee (total order price) OR for a full exchange for store credit (in the form of a gift card).


There are no standard sizes here, except for the e-collar straps and the lightweight collars. Aside from those two items, sizing for every other collar is customized to each individual dog. Their current neck/head size taken into account. For most other collars, you are prompted for the dog's age as well.

Click here to read more about Collar Sizing

Webbing color is the color of the collar or leash itself.

Read more about ordering questions and font examples HERE

The 2” cobra buckle collars feature the D ring on the end of the collar and are a variation of the standard buckle collar. The "D" comes before the buckle on this style and the one end of the cobra buckle feeds though the ring to secure.

When used with a leash, this is the most secure design since the dog actually pulls against two additional layers of the collar. If a dog somehow managed to pull the "D" loose from where it is attached to the collar material, he would still not be able to run loose. This is the best design for strong pulling dogs.


Production time is up to date at the top of any page on the website.

It can also be found in your order’s confirmation email.

The listed turnaround time is only an approximate timeframe and may fluctuate. It is not a deadline date.

I cannot 100% guarantee orders requested on/by certain dates.

If there are any significant changes/delays notice will be posted on AMG social media accounts.

Extended time may be needed for any of the following circumstances:
- if we need to contact you about your order and are awaiting a response,
- orders with intricate images/designs that require digitizing,
- "Special Requests" for items not regularly listed on the website,
- larger orders,
- or wholesale orders.

Once completed, you will get a shipping confirmation email (to the email used for that order) that includes the necessary tracking information.
Orders are shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking and insurance. 

Click here to read more about Shipping

Flat Rate Domestic Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is $9.00
Free Shipping  at $120! 

Flat Rate International USPS Priority Mail 
Canada - $28.00
Mexico, Central and South America - $33.00
Rest of the world - $39.00

Discounted at $120!

Large bulk or wholesale orders may be subject to different pricing. (Only valid for international orders. Message to inquire.)

Click here for other details about shipping information.

Occasionally I may be able to accommodate a rush order.

This is done on a case-by-case basis with factors including my current work load as well as what item/s you would be interested in purchasing.

Baseline rush order fee starts at $10 but can increase depending on how quickly you request the item/s and/or the quantity of items.

The date given is the estimated completion date- we aim to ship your order on or before that date.

If this is something you may be interested in, shoot me a message (email, FB or IG) preferably before placing an order and we can see if it can be accomplished!

If not confirmed with me and with 'rush order' paid for, your order will have the standard current turnaround time as shown at the top of the website.

Rush order reservations and prices are held for 24-48 hours.

Rush My Order 

Making an account isn't necessary.
Once completed, you will get a shipping confirmation email (to the email used for that order) that includes the necessary tracking information.

Absolutely! Pickup can be set up depending on scheduling.
If it can correspond with an event we'd both be be at (dock, shows, trials, etc) we can go that route or a different location and time can be discussed based off the estimated order completion date.

Keep in mind though, this is would be an order pickup, not an order delivery.

Customizations - colors, images, fonts, etc 

No, there is no specific color chart for thread.

Since customers aren’t limited to only in stock colors as well as I am adding new colors to the collection almost daily would make a color chart insane to keep up to date.

I use a variety of brands who individually have hundreds of colors each.

Majority of colors can be color matched fairly easily if you are looking for something specific.

There are also thread colors that match to each of the webbing colors.

Do you have a specific color/colors in mind or even a certain color scheme or shade range? I would be happy to send you some pictures of threads and work with you to find the prefect color/s you’re looking for.

Other names for the "hot" colors would include names such as: neon, bright, hunter (for the hot orange), electric, safety, laser, highlighter, etc

Shoot me a message on FB or IG or email me at angrymelongear@gmail.com or info@angrymelongear.com!

Let me know what you are going for with the design of the collar. It is advisable to send a photo of the image you are wanting (or multiple images if you are unsure which would work or look better).

Some images and emojis are readily available to include on your gear. To include any of these simply add to cart and specify color, location, etc from prompts on the listing. Read the listing for any specifications regarding these.
They can be found here:
Readily Available Images/Emojis

Others, if I am able to find the image you’re wanting already available in an embroidery format (exact file type isn’t important as I can convert them, just needs to be in ‘any’ working embroidery format), you will get a reserved spot on the “Custom Requested Image/Emoji” listing page.
Found here:
Custom Requested Image/Emoji

If the image you are wanting is something more unique, something totally custom, etc, and is NOT currently available in an embroidery file type. Your image would require digitization.
That means I use specialty software to create stitches to turn your jpg, png, pdf photo into something that can be embroidered onto a collar, leash, or other type of item.
Once an image has been selected, allow a couple days for me to provide an accurate estimate of cost for the digitizing. You will then get a reserved spot on the “Custom Image Digitizing” listing page.
Found here: Custom Image Digitizing

If it isn’t an image found in the readily available listing, I will have to check out the image you are interested in first and once we know:
1. if it can be done on a collar and
2. which category it would fall under (requested or digitizing), then I will create a reserved spot on the appropriate listing for you once I have an estimate for that image.

There are some custom fonts that can reasonably be included. This all depends on the type of font you’re looking at. Please send a link of a font example from a font site like dafont.com, 1001fonts.com, or fontspace.com 

IF I can easily plug that into my software and convert it into a correct format, then that would be no problem at all. If it's not able to convert (sometimes depending on how the font was originally created) or something I need to do a lot of fine tuning to, it would need to be digitized. Info about that process can be found here: Custom Image Digitizing

But always doable one way or another!

All collars come with embroidery included (on the ones that are prompted for text).
If you would like a collar without the customization on it you can put “N/A” in both the Embroidery Text box as well as the Embroidery Thread Color box. You will still be prompted to select a font from the drop down menu but no embroidery will be done on the collar with “N/A” in those boxes.

Message me!
Let me know what colors/text/font/ect you would like to see (see what prompts are shown for the specific item you are interested in) and I can get some going for you!

Important to note the following:
Proofs do not represent any actual length or construction of your gear.
The proof will represent the style, layout, and color combo used for your item.
Proofs are not automatically included in orders.
Metallics and glittery threads cannot be fully represented in proofs but can be shown represented by the closest solid color.
Multicolor and rainbow threads also cannot be represented at all in proofs.

These are meant to give you a rough idea of how your design will look in real life.

It is preferred that proofs be requested via Email, IG, or FB.

Read more about Digital Proofs here

Wholesale and Special Requests 

Wholesale items include a minimum quantity of 10 of any same item (some stipulations apply to certain items) and are at a discounted price.

If including embroidered items, all embroidery would have to be the same (can be different colors or sizes)

To order, message or email me with the item you’re interested in including the quantity, colors, and if applicable the sizes/widths.

Most common items requested for wholesale include:
Convertible Tab/Handle  (your choice of colors)

Elastic E-Collar Strap (your choice of colors, width, and sizes)

Lightweight 1.5" (Puppy Collar - Patch Collar) (your choice of colors)

The following listing isn’t available for wholesale since it is already a ‘bulk’ discounted item.
Litter Collar Set  (Full customization options available on this item)

International customers:Large bulk or wholesale orders may be subject to different shipping costs. Message to inquire.

While there are a handful of additional things I make that aren’t publicly advertised or have their on public listing on the website, they can still be accomplished.

Message me with what you’re looking for and we can see if it is a possibility!

Worth noting that sometimes these “special requested” items may have an extended turnaround time (from the current turnaround time listed).

I use the phrase ’special requested’ here vs ‘custom order’ or ‘custom requested’ due to the nature of ALL AMG gear being custom made.


No, for weight pull you’ll need a specific weight pull harness.

The hookup point is behind their rear legs near the ground and the pulling point on those are low as to not put stress or pressure on their hips or back.

Compared to on x-backs the hookup point its resting on top of their back at the base of their tail for loads at equal height or higher (ie mushing, joring, canicross, bitework, etc).

They distribute weight entirely different than then x-back harnesses.

For many dogs, when pulling the x-backs are more comfortable for them and less restrictive providing better range of motion. The x-back is all about power and being nonrestrictive.

Half backs are more for control and cut the speed of the dog (the girth strap restricting full lung capacity). This can help pace dogs and help with endurance by making sure the dogs don’t expel all their energy as soon as they go out. They are also more prone to choking, and adding pressure on the dogs chest.

Typical leather working dog harnesses, while some come padded with a chest plate, you’re still dealing with the girth strap as well as those still have the possibility of digging into the base of their throat (especially with a large chest plate) causing coughing, and adding stress to their chest.

Of course not every dog runs into these issues but from a design standpoint, that’s how the x-back and half back harnesses compare.


I share and support people who share and support AMG.

If you would like to model/showcase any of my gear, I would absolutely love to see it! However, I do not send out free products for people to ‘unbox’ on their social media accounts.

If you purchase (or win) AMG products and want to post about them, that’s fantastic! Your photo could even be reposted onto the AMG IG and FB page!

Sales tax is automatically calculated according to Federal and State guidelines. It is based on the shipping address, the seller's place of business, and the appropriate rules for those tax jurisdictions.

Sales tax is collected only in the state of 'Texas', and the rates may vary according to the jurisdictions.

I am a very small business and typically can’t handle phone calls during any consistent hours/days.
I do a pretty good job of answering any emails and messages, though! Sometimes it may take me a while but that’s due to the whole one woman show thing!

Visit the Contact Us page to submit any other question you may have or message me on FB or IG!