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Hands-Free Wrist Strap

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Keep your hands free while also keeping your items easily accessible! 

Can be used for ecollar remotes, keys, whistles, clickers, cameras, and so much more.   

An alternative to the basic lanyard style.

Uses the natural weight of the attached item to secure them even when the stopper isn't fully engaged. 

Customize the color of the wrist strap, text, thread color, font, etc just as on most other AMG gear.

I personally recommend adding your phone number as a safety precaution, just in case your remote goes missing, but the text is totally up to you!

Embroidery text is optional but is limited to a max of 15 characters

All desired text should be listed in the "Embroidery Text" box.  

3/4” wide webbing
Optional text customization

Small lightweight bungee cord

Black powder coated hardware
Cord Lock 
Black Baby Snap
Black split ring 

If you have a larger wrist outside the 5-8" range, simply enter the size you need in the "item notes."


Embroidery is done in all caps unless specifically requested lower case text (not just typing in lower case; leave a note with this customization in "item notes.")

Thread colors are seemingly unlimited as most requests can be accommodated. Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (and how you would like them used).