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Tag Ring

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Must be purchased in conjunction with available styles of 1-2" buckle collars, limited slip collars, and martingale collars. (see dropdown)  

A small 3/4" D ring placed a few inches away from the larger D ring and buckle so tags don't jingle against it nor the buckle (if applicable).  

If ordering more than one collar please specify which collar you would like the tag ring included on.  

This is an add-on/additional item only.
Not for individual purchase.
Must also purchase a collar (see below for specifics). 

Tag rings are excluded from all 3/4" collars, The Brute collar, The Stealth collar, e-collar straps, the snap on slip collar, as well as the Universal and lightweight collars. 

Black powder coated metal hardware or Duraflex D ring 

NOT for attaching a leash

For more info on ordering please visit the Ordering Guide