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Puppy Starter Harness / Half Back Harness

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Puppy Starter Harness or Small Dog Harness 

Standard size harness to fit even small puppies 

Multipoint Adjustability 

  • Neck, Girth, and Chest 


Optional upgrade to include a leather chest plate



These do not automatically come with velcro for patches on the neck.

Patch Space and Patches can be added at an additional charge: 
Click here to add patch space 
Click here to add custom patches 


(see measuring tab or image for where to measure for these numbers. Neck is NOT the same size as their collar.)

Small Medium
7-10" Neck
8-12" Chest
20-30" Girth 
Medium Large
9-14" Neck
10-16" Chest
28-45" Girth 

Chest measurement location (from 3" behind elbows) prevents chafing from the girth strap. 

    1" wide webbing
    Already included built-in Handle
    Black powder coated hardware
    Black Metal quick release buckle, AUSTRIALPIN Cobra FM Buckle, or AUSTRIALPIN Cobra Buckle,
    Slide adjustability

    This harness is a standard size vs a custom fit. However, the same measuring guides apply to seeing which of the standard sizes are for you.

    Use a SOFT measuring tape, measure the dog, not the fur. 


    Neck - Breast Bone to Shoulders:   Find the shoulder blades then go slightly forward to find the base of the neck. Measure from that spot to the top of the breastbone.

    • Do NOT double this measurement.
    • Do NOT measure around the neck.

    Chest: Start tape at top of breastbone. Pass between front legs and back about 3” behind the elbows.

    Grith: From the ending spot from the chest measurement (3” behind elbows) measure around the chest of the dog to get the girth.

    Compare the measurements you get here to the provided sizes for this harness. 

    Message me if you have any questions! 

    • Pull excess fur and skin out of the neck so the harness sits properly on the breastbone and between shoulders. 
    • The breast bone should be concealed by the Y-front of the harness.
    • The girth strap of the harness should be far enough back to not rub the armpits yet adequately supported by the ribcage.