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Splitter / Coupler

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Compatible with all leashes and bungee lines 

When using with the Wheel Dog Harness Mod

  • The splitter attachment will help the harness remain centered and the load weight evenly distributed. 
  • The end of the splitter at the O ring should be only slightly longer than the dog's body. Extending just past the back of the dog’s thigh. 
  • See Image in listing

When using it with two dogs: 

  • It would be useful as a standard coupler line when walking or running two dogs. 
  • It would also be ideal for joring, canicross, etc when there are two dog teams. 


3/4” AND 1" wide options  
Variable lengths
Black powder coated hardware


Snap Options:

Large Metal Bolt Snap  
Med Metal Bolt Snap, or 

Black Trigger Snap
, or 
Black Spring Snap 

For more info about ordering such as customization options, fonts, embroidery text, thread colors, collar layouts, hardware options, and more - visit the Ordering Guide