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Safety Clips

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The safety clip's primary purpose is to prevent unexpected accidents and keep your dog safe so you can enjoy carefree walks.

Use as a fall-back plan. 

An excellent option for dogs who somehow wriggle their way out of their gear or as an extra safety measure with prongs, flat collars, and more. 

If they slip their collars, for example, they would still be attached to the leash. 


3/4” wide webbing
Single or Double snap attachment style 

Snap Options:
Small Black Bolt Snap
Medium Black Bolt Snap
Black Trigger Snap

A single snap attachment would be looped around the base of the leash (or through the swivel ring of the dog's leash) and then clips onto the dog's collar/harness/etc.

A double snap attachment that would clip onto the swivel ring of the dog’s leash and then the other would clip onto the dog's collar/harness/etc.