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Premade - The Stealth - Hidden Prong Collar

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Love Language is Violence Raspberry and Black
Black Embroidery
Quick Release Buckle
18-24” Neck
Holds 11 2.25mm Links 
No Threats Only Promises
Black and Pink 
Hot Pink and White Embroidery 
Quick Release Buckle
18-20” Neck 
Holds 10 2.25mm Links 
Fuck Off
Tan and Olive Drab 
Black Embroidery 
Cobra Buckle
14-17” Neck 
Holds 7 2.25mm Links 
Black and Turquoise
No Embroidery 
Quick Release Buckle
20-24” Neck 
Holds 12 2.25mm Links 
Hot Pink and Purple
No Embroidery Quick Release Buckle
14-18” Neck
Holds 8 2.25mm Links 


Premades are non-refundable 
Customer is responsible for determining if the provided size is adequate for your dog



These premades ship within 1 week (unless regular non premade items are also ordered at the same time)