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Patterned Leash

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This listing isn't available with embroidery. 


  • Optional O Ring 
    • a floating ring placed in the handle of a leash

They can be convenient to include for attaching keys, poo bags, attaching the leash snap to it to create a shorter leash or across the body, around the waist to easily keep it out of the way yet still easily accessible. 

  • Optional traffic handle
    • a second handle made at the base of the leash by the snap

Great for keeping your dog close to you when needed maybe in high traffic areas, at sporting events, or even just walking around the neighborhood. 

  • Frog Snap with Swivel
    • The swivel option is ideal if you are ordering a leash with a Kong Frog snap and would like to avoid the leash twisting during use.

Break strength of 882lbs  / 3.9 KN

Alloy swivel and will stand up to whatever your dog can throw at it.  When added with a traffic handle, the swivel prevents excessive twisting above the traffic handle.  


1” wide pattern webbing 
Variable lengths 
Optional traffic handle and O ring

Snap Options: 
Black Oxide Metal Bolt Snap
KONG Frog Cable Snap (optional swivel)
Black Trigger Snap, or 
Heavy Duty Spring Snap


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