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Custom Key Chain

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Custom keychain to match or complement your canine counterpart! 
Length is determined by the amount of text requested but will usually be between 5-9" long. 
15 character limit 

Single sided text
1" wide embroidered webbing 
Paracord 550 loop 
Flat keychain 

Please keep in mind the amount of embroidery text. Lengthy sayings or full names, etc may not fit. You will be contacted prior to any changes being made. 

Embroidery is done in all caps unless specifically requested lower case text (not just typing in lower case; leave a note with this customization in "item notes.")

Thread colors are seemingly unlimited as most requests can be accommodated. Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (and how you would like them used). 


Keep in mind that adding any of the following have an additional charge to them:

  • images (whether as simple as a heart or star or even a complex custom image)

Click here to see available additions.