Angry Melon Gear

Custom Image Digitizing

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Must be purchased in conjunction with the gear you would like the image/s included on

An image that has been previously discussed to be digitalized into an embroidery file and sewn onto AMG gear. 

*Photos shown are from previously digitized images as examples of what kinds of things can/need to be digitized*

*Your image doesn't need to be shown in the listing photos in order to be used*

Please be specific on where you would like the images placed, on which items, and the color/s you would like. 

You will not have a reserved spot until an image is discussed with an estimate in place. 


Prices can vary from $6-15 depending on the intricacy of the image. 

Images are listed as sale items so discount codes will not apply to them.  


Things I won't digitize unless given explicit permission:
- Copyright or trademarked images
- Artwork from others

Also, some things to note: 

  • Not every image can be digitized. 
  • Some images are too dense which would result in the embroidery distorting the webbing. 
  • Some may be too large to fit on your desired width of collar/leash/patch. 
  • Scaling images down to fit a certain height may make it impossible to make out what the image is supposed to be. 
  • Just because you find an image in an embroidery machine format does not automatically mean it can work on AMG gear. Most of those readily available files are formatted for a different density than required for these types of items. We may find one that is already in the correct format but it may not work. To fix this I could, in turn, get that image re-digitized to ensure it would work on your gear. 


This is why it is critical for us to discuss your requested image PRIOR to purchasing.



*Adding intricate designs may add a day or two to production time*