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Bungee E-Collar Strap

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The design of the collar allows you to easily slide over your dog's head and tighten the bungee for a perfectly snug fit every time. It allows the collar to stretch to your dog’s neck while also ensuring that the receiver keeps solid contact.

    Also can have a buckle included on these collars to turn your bungee e-collar strap into a buckle collar as well!

    There is no hardware to attach a leash to. 

    This item cannot be embroidered as it would affect how the strap feeds through the receiver but extra stitching (click here) can be added around it to accent the webbing or to match embroidery thread on a regular collar.   



    • To add your receiver, unscrew one side of your collar and slip through the receiver.
    • Replace Chicago screw. Please check the tightness of the screws frequently as they can loosen,
    • The bungee cord is left long so that you can trim it to your liking, be sure to burn the end lightly and tie a knot so it does not slip through the slide.


    AMG is not responsible for any Bungee E Collars that come apart due to screws that were not assembled and tightened accurately.


    3/4" or 1" wide collar 
    Black powder coated hardware 
    Chicago screws 
    Bungee Cord 
    Cord Lock  

    Optional Hardware Options: 
    Black Metal quick release buckle  
    AUSTRIALPIN Cobra FM Buckle
    Acetal Plastic Airlock Buckle

    Works with a variety of remote collar brands.

    For Dogtra Arc and Dogtra 1900s, it is advised to include a border on the strap.  (click here for the listing to add the border)

    The shape of these receivers can cause the collar to tip and lose contact. Adding the border to the strap creates extra stability to the webbing to prevent this from happening.

    Please measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape or piece of string to get the most accurate measurement. 


    Regular - Neck sizes 12-23" 

    Small - Neck size 9-20" 

    XL - Neck size 18-31"