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Borders and Extra/Secondary Stitching

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Must be purchased in conjunction with available styles of 1-2" buckle collars, limited slip collars, martingale collars, French Martingales, coursing leads, or e-collar straps (bungee or elastic). (see dropdown)  

Must be added once PER item/color. 

Borders are excluded from all 3/4" buckle collars, bracelets, wrist straps, The Stealth collar, as well as the Universal and lightweight collars. 

Example: one border addition per collar: 2 collars = two borders added to cart 

If you are wanting more than one color (one color for the collar and one color for the handle) then two borders need to be added to cart 


If ordering more than one collar please specify which collar you would like the extra stitching included on. 



Can be the same as the chosen thread color for the embroidery or a separate color. 

Can only be one singular color (No alternating colors)  


Can be added:

  • around the collar,
  • around the handle,
  • to attach the handle, 
  • etc

A border around a collar helps to add a lot of rigidity to them since it makes the webbing denser!


Can also be utilized to include more embroidery onto leashes over the character limit as long as space allows.


Thread colors are seemingly unlimited as most requests can be accommodated. Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (and how you would like them used).  

For more info on ordering please visit the Ordering Guide