Products failing due to normal wear and tear, abuse, accident, animals/critters, or natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time could be replaced under the AMG remake fee (if hardware is in good or acceptable condition). 

The Angry Melon Gear warranty is not applicable to failures caused by improper use or installation, abuse, neglect, alteration by owner, use of harsh chemicals applied to the product or improper size or strength product selection by the customer.

It is the owner's responsibility to select the AMG collar, lead, or harness appropriate for use by said canine/owner by taking into account the dog's size, weight, and strength.


Items not covered under this warranty, include but are not limited to:

  1. Improper selection of gear based upon dog size, weight, or strength.
  2. Improper selection of gear based on color or size/length of product.
  3. Improper selection of gear based upon any aspect of buyers remorse (doesn't fit their specific needs or preferences, etc.). 
  4. Improper storage of gear in a moist, wet or corrosive environment.
  5. Sole reliance upon dog collar or lead to provide all safety considerations typical with the maintenance, care, custody, or control of a dog.
  6. Excessive wear caused by the use of external devices such friction from rubbing against rough surfaces such as walls, crates, the ground, etc.
  7. Scratches, dog or human inflicted damage, or discoloration of the hardware
  8. Color fading or degradation of material due to natural aging, external items, excessive or extended use, etc. 
  9. Color selections, options, combinations, etc. as stated in the "Color Disclaimer." 
  10. Improper cleaning by exposure to harsh chemicals. 
  11. Over-exposure to items by sunlight and other environmental factors including but not limited to excessive saltwater or chlorine. 
  12. Improper care by use of leaving gear dirty and not cleaning or storing properly. 
  13. Improper attachment of dog collar to dog or dog lead to dog collar or dog harness.
  14. Slight variation in positioning, arrangement, or density discrepancies in embroidery due to the natural weave of the webbing may be inevitable to some extent. 
  15. Any alterations, repairs, additions, changes, etc done by anyone other than AMG. 


Design Improvement

  • Products sold by AMG may have changes or design improvements without incorporating those changes to products previously sold.
  • AMG warranties do not cover the incorporation of these design improvements.


Third Party Manufactured Items 

Those items supplied, but not manufactured by Angry Melon Gear are subject to the OEM manufacturer's warranty only and are not subject to this warranty.


Product Supplied By Policy

Any product supplied by AMG at no charge (e.g. paid for by warranty or policy) assumes the identity of the product it replaces. If the failed product is no longer under warranty then, the new replacement product will not have coverage.


Determination of Warranty

AMG reserves the right to examine any failed product to determine validity of warranty claim. If no fault is found or is determined to be a fault not covered under the warranty (see above), the claim will be denied.


Limited Warranty

AMG warrants gear sold from angrymelongear.com, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a maximum period of up to six (6) months from the date your order is delivered.  

AMG’s responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of a product which has been determined by AMG, in its sole discretion, to be defective and for which a warranty claim has been submitted prior to expiration of the Warranty Period, subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.



The warranty set forth above is subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in the General Warranty Statement above and the Warranty Claims Procedure below. The express warranty set forth herein is intended for the benefit of the original purchaser of the Product and may not be assigned or otherwise transferred. If any part of this warranty is determined to be void or illegal, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.


Warranty Claim Procedure

Only the original AMG Product purchaser may file a claim direct.

  1. AMG will supply a Warranty Claim Form. 
  • Upon supply, the form must be completed and emailed back within 5 working days. Claims sent after this time frame will be denied. 
  • Complete all sections of the Warranty Claim Form and provide the following information:
  • AMG product’s order number 
  • Date of purchase.
  • Date of failure
  • Name, address, and email address of the owner.
  • Full description of the problem/findings.
  • Email the following to info@angrymelongear.com Attention: Warranty Claim 
  • Completed warranty form
  • Photos of the failed product


Warranty Product Policy

Upon receipt of the claims documentation, AMG shall within five (5) working days determine if the failed Product is covered under the warranty and if it needs to be returned.

    • If AMG does ask for the item to be returned, the customer must return the item to AMG by a transportation method that includes a tracking number. We are not responsible for items lost in transit to our location.
    • AMG reserves the right to inspect and test the Product within three (3) working days of receiving it.



    Credit/refunds will not be finalized unless it is determined the claim falls under the warranty. 

    • If it is determined that a product exhibits no fault or determined to be a fault not covered under the warranty, then the warranty claim will be denied.
    • If claim is determined to fail under the warranty, credit/replacement shall be supplied within AMG’s current listed turnaround time on the date of approval. 



    Color Disclaimer 

    Many variables go into webbing/thread colors.

    Finished Products

    • The same color may appear drastically different depending on the background color that accompanies it as well as the item’s setting and surrounding context (including but not limited to neighboring colors, lighting conditions, size, etc).
    • Webbing color and dye lots can vary. Color shades may vary within the same color. Our mills may change the color or shade without notice.
    • Embroidered items receive a cleaning and pre-soak before shipments. Some colors could bleed onto white or some light color embroidery threads.
      • The "hot" colors are known to have a lot of bleed to them. Some of the others can as well depending on the manufacturers dye lots but those are less frequent than with the "hot" webbing colors. 
    • Metallic and glittery threads aren't as durable as the standard thread colors therefore I would only recommend those for dogs that are gentle on their collars, only special occasions, certain events, etc.
      • Keep collars with these threads away from chemicals, sun, and friction as much as possible to preserve their life. 

      Digital Proofs

      • Digital images do not factor in things like the textures of the different materials which may slightly differ from the colors they are representing going from digitally vs real life.
      • Metallics and glittery threads cannot be represented in their real life states but instead would be represented by the closest solid color. 
      • Multicolor/Blended and Confetti threads also cannot be represented in proof form. 


      • While I do my very best to represent colors accurately, photography isn’t an exact science, therefore colors may be slightly different in person when the setting and context changes.

      Please take this into consideration when placing your order.