Elastic E-Collar Strap Assembly

Click here for the Ecollar Strap Listing.

 1. Remove buckle end and remove slide.



2. Feed the strap through the receiver with contact points on the side of the AMG tag.


3. Feed slide back onto the strap.

    • The inside of the strap should have the middle of the slide showing and the outside of the strap has the two outer sides of the slide showing.  



4. Feed buckle back onto the strap.

    • Going from the underneath of the furthest end of the buckle and going down through the slot closet to the buckle's prongs.
    • Webbing tail turning underneath the collar to keep a finished look on the outside of the collar. 


5. Tuck the tail end back through the inside of slide and adjust for fit as needed. 

    • Once fitted, you can cut the extra webbing and heat seal the end (if needed).



Completed collar: