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The Covert - Theme Design - Hidden E-Collar Receiver

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 Reduces bulk and eliminates the need for multiple collars 

Themed designs offer the same customization options in regards to colors, however, the design itself (text, font, images, etc) is already provided! 
The design shown cannot be altered. Only colors can be chosen here!

These designs can be found on any of the listed theme collars, found Here  





You provide the dog's actual neck size where the receiver will sit. 

Not what another collar is sized to, not what another type of ecollar strap measures at, not adding in the receiver size to your dog's neck, etc 


These collars cannot accommodate the 'under a year old' feature to make collars into puppy collars as the regular buckle collars do. 



Will work with nearly any unit provided the receiver sits inside the straps like E-Collar Technologies, Dogtra, or other similar e-collar products (SportDog and Garmin for example). 

E-Collars are sold separately.
If you would like to purchase one click here!

Please select the appropriate width for the strap that your ecollar receiver is made for. 



Additional items such as handles can still be included as space allows

Keep in mind that adding any of the following have an additional charge to them:
  • any additions such as handles, borders, tag rings, and strips of Velcro for patches


Click here to see available upgrades and additions.



Fits 1 receiver

1.5" or 2" embroidered collar 

3/4" or 1" Interior strap for the receiver 
Black powder coated hardware 
Velcro adjustability 

Applicable Hardware: 
Black Metal quick release buckle
Acetal Plastic Airlock Buckles with Duraflex D ring

Thread colors are seemingly unlimited as most requests can be accommodated. Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (and how you would like them used).


Please notate if you would like the embroidery location in a certain spot on the collar other than its default location (see Ordering Guide for specifics).


For more info about ordering such as customization options, fonts, embroidery text, thread colors, collar layouts, hardware options, and more - visit the Ordering Guide

Neck measurement to ensure proper embroidery placement. 

Please measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape or piece of string to get the most accurate measurement. 

Only take measurements of the dog's actual neck size. 


You provide the dog's actual neck size where the receiver will sit. 

Not what another collar is sized to, not what another type of ecollar strap measures at, not adding in the receiver size to your dog's neck, etc 


See here for collar sizing information 


Fits 1 receiver

The ordered neck size will is taken into account with a receiver in the collar.