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Lightweight Muzzle

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Open basket design that allows dogs to pant freely 

Perfect for coursing, joring, canicross, trial muzzle, training muzzle, and more! 

Allows the dog to pant, drink, and take treats. They are made of rigid nylon so are lightweight, however, they can break if they constantly come into contact with objects (e.g rubbed on the ground, toys, etc). 


Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression may still be able to inflict injuries while wearing this style of muzzle. 




Black lightweight muzzle
3/4" webbing 
Black powder coated hardware 

Hardware Options: 
Black Metal quick release buckle  
Acetal Plastic Airlock Buckle
Or FIDLOCK Magnetic Buckle 
One Size fits most. 

The neck strap has a two-part adjustability with metal sliders on either side. 


One Size fits most. 

This style can fit a large variety of dogs ranging from ~30-65 lbs 


Length: Measure the length of your dog's head in a straight line from behind the ear, to the tip of the nose. 

This version of muzzle works great for most dogs that have a length of 8" or longer.  


Depth: This is important to make sure your dog can pant freely. 

The circumference of each muzzle size is measured at the end of the basket where the dog's nose will be.  

The circumference of this muzzle would be 14".