Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday season I would like to remind everyone of my order turnaround time.

Generally, orders during this time of year will extend past the normal turnaround time of approximately 1 month.

If there are any changes made to the estimated turnaround time, it will be posted on IG, FB, and the website.

You can also check out my IG or FB stories where I post a few updates each week on where I am in the queue and other information!


Black Friday Orders: 

There will be no cancelations in the form of refunds permitted after 1 hour of the order’s placement. Cancelations in exchange for store credit can still be offered as stated in the regular policies.

Different orders cannot be combined.

If you would like to make any type of change to your order, email me with your order number as well as the change/s you would like made. Coupon codes must be entered prior to purchase.  


Emails and Messages:

Please have patience as I respond to emails, messages, etc during this time as it may take longer than usual.

My inboxes are totally full and I'm working my way through them all as quickly as I can!