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Themed Coursing and French Martingale Leads

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Themed designs offer the same customization options in regards to colors, however, the design itself (text, font, images, etc) is already provided!
The design shown cannot be altered. Only colors can be chosen here!

These designs can be found on any of the listed theme collars, found Here


Coursing Leads
with 1.5" or 2" Collar Fronts

1” wide leashes 
Variable lengths 
Black powder coated hardware 

French Martingale Leads
with  1" or 1.5" wide Collar Fronts
1” wide leashes 
Elastic Stopper 
Variable lengths
Black powder coated hardware 

Coursing Lead Options (1.5" or 2")

 French Martingale Lead Options (1" or 1.5")

PSA  (1.5" or 2")

IGP  (1.5" or 2")

Bite Me  (1.5" or 2")

Fuck Off  (1.5" or 2")

Talk Shit  (1.5" or 2")

Do Not Touch  (1.5" or 2")

Do Not Pet  (1.5" or 2")

Service Dog  (1.5" or 2")

How about NO  (1.5" or 2")

Fuck Around & Find Out  (1.5" or 2")

Run your Dog  (1.5" or 2")

I Think NOT  (1.5" or 2")

All Gas  (1.5" or 2")

No Fucks Given  (1.5" or 2")

You're too Close  (1.5" or 2")

My Love Language is Violence  (1.5" or 2")

PSA (1.5" only)

IGP (1.5" only)

Bite Me (1.5" only)

Fuck Off (1.5" only)

Talk Shit (1.5" only)

Do Not Touch (1.5" only)

Do Not Pet (1" and 1.5")

Service Dog (1" and 1.5")

How about NO (1.5" only)

Fuck Around & Find Out  (1.5" only)

Run your Dog (1.5" only)

I Think NOT (1.5" only)

All Gas (1.5" only)

No Fucks Given (1" and 1.5")

You're too Close (1.5" only)

My Love Language is Violence (1.5" only)

Thread colors are seemingly unlimited as most requests can be accommodated. Be specific if there is more than one color of thread you would like (and how you would like them used).  

All desired text should be listed in the "Embroidery Text" box.  

Embroidery is done in all caps unless specifically requested lower case text (not just typing in lower case; leave a note with this customization in "item notes.")

For more info on ordering please visit the Ordering Guide  

Neck measurement to ensure proper embroidery placement. 

Collar fronts will be roughly 2/3 of their overall neck size. The minimum front for any smaller dog with a neck size roughly 10" and under, will be 6".

Please measure your dog's neck with a soft measuring tape or piece of string to get the most accurate measurement. 

See here for collar sizing information