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Handle Addition

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Must be purchased in conjunction with any 1.5" or 2" BUCKLE or LIMITED SLIP COLLAR.

However, handles are excluded from all 3/4" and 1" collars, The Brute collar, martingales, as well as the lightweight collars. 

If ordering more than one collar please specify which collar you would like the handle included on. 


Collar MINIMUM Requirement:

  • Collar must be a min length of 12" OR
  • Embroidery a max of 8 characters 

MOST collars can only accommodate the patch space OR the handle; generally not both. 

Sometimes resizing the text (ex. making the text smaller) can work to accommodate the additional length of a handle. You will be contacted prior to any changes being made.  


Handle width is chosen by the collar in your cart. 

Example: 1.5" wide collar is paired with 1.5" webbing for handle.

(1.5" turquoise handle cannot be added to a 2" collar)


Handles do not accommodate embroidery nor can text be placed to fit underneath them.