COVID-19 Updates

August 21

I was discussing USPS timeframes with the manager and supervisor at one of my post offices yesterday.

So lack of updates/scans: So some of you may have noticed (I’m sure) packages getting marked as preshipment with the label created but then no further updates for days.

This is one of the new normals we are now facing. Packages aren’t being scanned in for a while (usually until they reach a destination city or something close by) simply because they are trying to limit contact to packages due to Covid.

Once your order is marked as shipped and you receive your confirmation email with the tracking info, your packages are dropped off within 24 hrs to the post office.


Timeframe: So yes they are ‘priority mail’ unfortunately the new time frame for these ‘can’ extend upwards to 15 -30 days for some places now (depending on your shipping location).

However, with the priority mail your packages are automatically insured and if anything happens you will be reshipped or refunded (post claim with USPS).


USPS is severely understaffed right now along with all the other issues they are dealing with. Yes it sucks I definitely agree, I have my own orders from other businesses I’m anxious to receive but we unfortunately need to be patient and support them now more than ever.

I mentioned earlier that I may look into switching carriers but that’s nothing I’m just jumping into. I want to see the USPS be successful and succeed especially now but if that’s what it comes down to and I must switch then I will already be prepared.

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, and support during this time!


June 27

Texas has had an increased number of shut downs as well as they have initiated another "stay at home" order (at least in my county). 

Package drop offs have been limited due to some buildings cutting capacity and others no longer offering drop offs. I have also had some weird luck with package pickups so some packages aren't getting scanned in until after a 24hr time frame. Please be patient. Once packages get accepted it looks like delays from then on are few and far between. 


April 18

Due to the limit of transportation availability, some services will experience some delays.

  • 1-day Priority Mail should not change.
  • 2 and 3-day Priority Mail services now will be extended to three and four days respectively.

For the most up to date information with all USPS service changes, please refer to their website directly.


April 6 

So thread colors.. I have a HUGE stock of colors on hand and always try my best to provide unlimited color selections even if it’s something I don’t currently have.

Since more stores are now shutting down and/or only providing pick up, some selections may be more limited. If a color you select isn’t something I have, I will be emailing you with some alternate options.

This can be anything from choosing another color, waiting until stores open, you selecting a color from a store that does pickup or shipping, etc. 

Not the most convenient thing I know but I will try my best to work with everyone the best I can while also creating your fully custom gear!


April 4 

USPS has the following changes to their service:

  • Some USPS post offices are closed.
  • USPS is not shipping to certain countries.
  • There are delays in USPS mail and package deliveries to and from certain countries.

For more information about USPS post office closures, refer to USPS Business mailers service disruptions.

For more information about which countries USPS is no longer shipping to, refer to USPS's international service disruptions.


March 28 

So the post office I usually use has some weird hours right now and I’m not entirely sure what their pickup schedule is currently like (They’ve gone kinda back and forth about what they want to do regarding the virus).

So instead I will be dropping off at one of the HUB facilities to ensure they are getting picked up daily!

One of the workers I talked to did say that yes packages are being collected regularly throughout the day but is taking a little more time than usual to get all packages scanned into their system.
So this may result in a little more time before shipped orders show as “accepted” in your tracking.

Will keep you guys updated if anything else changes or I learn more! 

March 20

AMG will stay fully operational with the condition my shelves remain stocked with materials, that my suppliers stay up and running, and of course that USPS continues getting your packages from point A to B!

However, it is unknown at this time how COVID-19 will hit in my area as well as in my suppliers, and how the United States Postal Service proceeds.

As far as maintaining sanitation here, I am taking every precautionary step to ensure health and safety. This includes maintaining strict personal sanitization habits as well as frequently cleaning my office/working areas.

Any changes in order status or any further developments, you can find the most recent and up to date news posted on social media as well as the website.

As of right now, AMG is full steam ahead!

We're always open at, you check out the Contact Us page if you have any questions as well as the new FAQ page is now up and running and you may find some answers there as well.

Huge thank you to everyone who continues to keep me busy and supporting AMGl!

I appreciate your understanding and patience during this time and

I’m wishing the best for every single one of you.

Stay healthy, y’all.